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Packing: Don’t forget the small stuff

By 11th June 2017Gear, Lifestyle

We all had it. Realising you forgot something important at the start of your trip. This guide helps you pack so you can learn the easy way.

As I said, everybody makes mistakes. To forget those important things you need on your camping adventure. Think of the smaller camping accessories like sunscreen or the things you use to eat or cook the food.

I use a list, this attributes on this list grow dramatically the more I go camping. Pay close attention to the smaller stuff. You rarely forget the bigger things like a proper cooling box or bbq. When you begin you probably will overpack. And this is fine. Nowadays I use a big plastic box with a lid that I keep filled with all of my cookware and stuff that I know I will be using. Over the years I have removed al unnecessary equipment. So now I only have the accessories I really need. You can always add or remove stuff from this box.

However, there are things you you should have right off the bat. For example. Wrap aa lighter in a roll of duct tape and throw it in your bin.  This combo has proved to be one of the most essential pieces of gear. Always pack at least one extra tarp that is big enough to cover your tent and one you can use under it. They are not too expensive but they can make the difference between a fun of horrific trip. Last but not least. make sure you have a nice multi-tool like a weatherman. I use the Leatherman OHT Black.

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